As kids growing up individually in Prince Edward County, before they even knew one another, Jane and John Detlor knew of the peace, tranquil, memorable and fun family times spent at cottages. The experiences, the friendships and good times left indelible memories on them both.

Years later they met, fell in love and started a family of their own with two beautiful children. Soon the Detlors were looking for a secondary seasonal income that could also be a possible retirement activity.

After following up on a couple of possible business ventures advertised in the Globe & Mail, they were smitten with a quaint, secluded and inviting little cottage business known then as Pineridge – part of which will now be known as Fifth Lake Cottages, located about 45 minutes north of Highway 401 near Parham in Central Frontenac Township.

They purchased the property in 1973.

It featured everything they remembered so fondly from their own childhood cottage experiences and they loved the notion of not only spending their own summers on the site, but seeing the joy that other families would also take in their experiences there.

“I had an aunt who used to rent a cottage near Cobourg and we always used to go there when I was a kid. And I always felt that some of the best times in childhood usually involve cottages, beaches, water and when I first saw this place, it brought all those memories back,” said John.

“Growing up our family always rented a cottage every summer in the Sandbanks area and those were great times. And our own kids grew up here. Every summer they were here and they have their own wonderful memories and have made lifelong friends here,” added Jane.

“And it’s been the same for many of our clients. We have families who have been coming here every year for more than 40 years – since before we took over. This place has been the site for so many of their own memories and fun experiences and that’s what keeps bringing them back year after year.”

The couple has worked hard to upgrade the and facilities regularly and keep everything in tip top shape with ongoing maintenance. As well, they have dedicated their time, energy and effort to fostering a welcoming, relaxed, unobtrusive, quiet atmosphere, and a completely family-friendly lifestyle.

They look forward to welcoming returning and new families to Fifth Lake Cottages and they embark on this next exciting chapter in the property’s legacy.

See the continuing journey at Pineridge Resorts Facebook Page.

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